A native Seattleite, I live with my husband and our dogs in the tranquil mountains of Idaho, near Boise. An outdoor gal through-and-through, I have a deep appreciation for the mossy, misty, sea-salty west coast and for the soft-hued hills, dramatic mountains, and expansive solitude of the Gem State.

We all have dreams. But they don’t mean much if we don’t act on them, if we put them in a drawer we label “Someday”...

I try to get out there, to go to amazing places, to have incredible conversations with incredible people...it all adds up somewhere. And when it does, you’re not doing something. You’re being something.
— Brendan Leonard, "35"

A dedicated "uphill" person (climbing, backpacking, hiking, biking...), I feel most alive when I'm surrounded by mountains, with dirt under my feet and our dogs running through a forest before me. 

Learning never gets old and I have an insatiable curiosity to explore new places and communities. The best way to satisfy my inquisitive nature is by listening to the stories told by the many folks I meet along the pathways of life.  

In work and non-work life, a driving motivator is having opportunities to connect people with other individuals, brands, services or products that will help them grow in their own pursuits and passions. I am highly skilled in effective written outreach and marketing, and with positive energy, openness, and a focuse on listening-oriented communication, I create natural connections.   

Now its your turn: Tell me YOUR story!