Each project and client is unique. Whether your project needs are quick-turn or on-going, I am happy to prepare a proposal for you with thoughtful consideration to the specific scope and goals of your project, timeline and budget. The messages I create for you will be tailored to your unique audiences and specific mediums, whether online, in print, through social media or via inter-personal connections.

Connect with me to talk about your business needs and for a project quote.


Promotional consumer email copy, narrative product descriptions for print or web, internal memos and company news. Over the years, I have cultivated the ability to effectively, articulately and creatively capture the voice of each brand I work with, writing copy that fits the unique personality of each brand.

Technical Writing 

Technical descriptions for product features, branded technologies, and services for internal, B2B and consumer-facing collateral. Instructional manuals on product or technology usage including collaboration with legal teams for accuracy and approval if needed. My understanding of the lifecycle of a product or service, from development and manufacturing, to packaging, sales, media relations and marketing, to the retail floor and consumer-facing outreach gives me an incredible perspective to precisely and authentically speak to your specific audience. 


Blog or magazine stories and web articles that provide depth to your brand's character and help consumers connect with your brand. Work with individuals and conduct research to tell an accurate and colorful story of a person, brand, product or service. 

Social Content Creation and Management

Working within the parameters of your brand and campaign, develop specific social media messages for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Create and execute consistent posts and post scheduling across all platforms. Monitor and engage on consumer relations inquiries and conversations on brand platforms and by specific keyword or hashtags.

Additional services

Social media coaching for new adopters/administrators, Copy editing, Press releases, Ad copy - if it includes words, I can write or edit your project. Let me help you define and build your business through articulate and creative storytelling that captures the unique voice of your brand.